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Week from 13th- 16th November

During this week,  our class continued preparing our presentations. We learnt a lot of new things about other civilisations, about how they understood education and more important how they taught their children.

Thanks to this projects I have learnt a lot more about education, and I realised that even though we have developed new technologies and that society has change, the educational system, the basis of it, is more or less the same.  Teachers among time had as an only objective to make kids memorise everything and not letting them know how to put in practice those theoretical concepts.
A curious point that I want to highlight is that romans educators tried to change this by introducing practical activities and creating a more professionalized education.

More and more, education is trying get adapted to the changes of society in order to create an innovative method of education which let children learn by doing and by understanding and not just basically because of memorizing or repetitions.

Hope you enjoy it!


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