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21st- 24th of November: GREECE PRESENTATION

Today another team presented their project about "Greece civilizations". 

This presentation was really interesting, we could learnt a lot about the way of teaching which it was quite similar to the romans because they were the ones which influenced the roman education. Then boys went to school, where they learned to read and write. Girls did not go to school. They were taught at home by their mothers.

Education in Sparta was completely different.They learned how to read and write, but those skills were not considered very important except for messages. Military school was tough, on purpose.Spartan girls also learned to be warriors. 

In Athens education did not get so much importance to war, and to form strong men and women, they preferred a more intellectual education, based on other subjects.They wanted to develop the personality of the children. 

Education in general was divided in stages, and it was really influenced by authors such us Platon. 


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