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Enlightenment. 27th to 28th November

Today's class the group about the Enlightenment did a very nice presentation.

This was an intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated the world of ideas in Europe during the 18th Century, "The Century of Philosophy".

European educational systems were principally geared for teaching a limited number of professions, such as priests, brothers and sisters, physicians and bureaucratic such as lawyers and scribes, and they were not yet greatly influenced by the scientific revolution. As the scientific revolution and religious upheaval broke traditional views and ways of thinking of that time, religion and superstition were supplemented by reasoning and scientific facts.

Locked proposed the idea that knowledge is obtained through sensation and reflection. This proposition led to Locke´s theory that everyone has the same capacity os sensation, and therefore, education should not be restricted to a certain class or gender. This era dulled the expansion of schooling for girls.

I really enjoyed this presentation because it was for a more near era in which we started to developed new ideas. 


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